Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Missing Mama

I am sure no one ever reads this blog but thought I would write a few lines anyway.....if for no one else...just for me! Today would be my Mama's 74th birthday. Hard to believe she has been gone over 2 years now. I never thought about what life would be like when she was gone and now I know why. I've always thought of myself as strong and independent but not so much so the last couple of years. I did not realize how much I depended on my Mama to help keep me going. She was my cheerleader, my confidant, my encourager, my teacher! I miss her so much. So I am gonna take today to be a little sad but tomorrow I am going to remember my Mama's "gotta get it done" attitude and keep going, keep living, keep praying and keep hoping that I am influencing my daughter as much as my sweet Mama influenced me!