Wednesday, November 30, 2005

ENT visit

I saw the ENT today and unfortunately did not get many answers. He really does not know what the problem is. He said it is possible that this is temporary and will clear up but also possible that I have lost more of my hearing and there is no going back from that. He is sending me for a Brain MRI to rule out anything else and also referred me to another ENT that does cochlear implants. They did another hearing test and I can tell a real difference in what I am understanding with regards to my good ear (the one with the hearing aid) for the first time since I lost my hearing at age 5, I am understanding more words in my right ear(un-aided) than my left ear. That makes me think that some serious damage has gone on in my left ear. I still feel like there is fluid on my ears and I am having ringing noises in my ears. Looks like I might be able to get into the other ENT by the end of the year so maybe will know something before too long about the possibility of an implant. All of this makes me question if I want to go ahead with the plans to go to Hawaii. I want to go but wonder if I would enjoy it more if I wait until after CI when I can hear better. I feel very vulnerable in strange places without my aid. Airports make me nervous when I do have my aid, so I am wondering how I will feel about trip. Hubby and I need to sit down and talk about all of this I guess.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Hope Your Thanksgiving Was Happy!

Here's wishing everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! Ours did not go exactly as planned but it was nice anyway! Only negative thing was that we did not get to see my family as planned, but we did get to visit with my husband's family. Looks like we are all about over our colds and sickness too, so that is good news! Thanksgiving is over so I guess it is time to get into the hussle and bussle of Christmas! Best get busy!!!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Things are looking up (a little!)

Sorry if my last post was negative. Things are looking a little better. K is feeling better, still coughing a little but not near as congested. All our plans for Thanksgiving had to be changed but that can't really be helped. I got an appt for the doctor for tomorrow morning (all booked for today) and am going back to the hearing aid guy this afternoon to see if we can't adjust the aid to at least help me a little bit. These last two weeks without my aid and with the ear infections have been very discouraging. I have profound hearing loss in both ears due to mumps when I was 5 years old. I pride myself on being able to function in the hearing world but that all comes to a screaching halt when my aid does not work. I find that I withdraw into myself and I lose my self confidence. I have been looking into cochlear implants but have been hesitant to do so because they have to cut off what hearing you have in order to fit you with the implants and the thought that something could go wrong and I would be worst off than I am now does not appeal to me. However if I lose any more hearing there will be nothing more a conventional hearing aid can do for me. I already wear the most powerful aid made. I have done a little research into the implants and found that my insurance will cover it but still scares me. I have not had the best of luck with surgical proceedures ( things tend to go wrong). I am looking forward to a great Thanksgiving and hope all of you have a wonderful one too!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Bummer Weekend!

K was up most of the night with congestion, so she is sick on her week off. Got my hearing aid back from the repair place and I can't use it. Sounds are totally distorted. Hearing aid guy says aid is fine, I must still have fluid or infection in my ears. Made an appt with ENT but can't get in until Weds after Thanksgiving. So I guess I will go back to regular Dr. on Monday to see what he can do for me. So all our plans for Thanksgiving are being changed, had planned to take K to see my parents but now we will have to stay home and go to dr. on Monday. I hope they are in the office this week, as all the kids in area are out all week for Thanksgiving Holidays. K is a total grump today. We were scheduled to have holiday portraits made today but cancelled that due to K being sick. So basically this is shaping up to be a bummer weekend. This too shall pass, just hope it does soon! Hope your weekend and plans are going great.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Different Talents

I was reading BST's blog this morning and he added some lyrics that a friend of his had made up to the tune of "Days of Elijah" and it just stuck with me all day. It was meant to be humorus and it was but for some reason it just bugged me as I went through my day of house cleaning and errand running. You can go look at it if you are familiar with BST but in a nutshell it was a put down on rich society, how there are starving kids in Africa and we are more concerned with our fancy cars and things. I wholeheartedly agree that we need to concern ourselves with the problems and the people in the world that are hurting but I also believe that God gave each of us our gifts and we should use them to the best of our ability. Not everyone can be a teacher, a preacher, or a missionary . Some must be financial supporters and emotional supporters for those people who do have the God given talents to go out and do the mission work.
We are not rich by any means and whatever we do have, we have because God has allowed us to have it and because we have worked hard to get it. When we were younger, we went on mission trips and we door knocked and played a more active physical role but now that we have a family and responsibilities we play a more supporting role. We give financially and we give emotionally to the Missions. We teach Bible Classes and help support our local congregation. I don't feel like I was a better Christian when I was younger and more active in Missions. Yes, I know that lots of people have families and responsibilities and still put missions first. Thank God that they can use their talents that way. I don't believe that is what God wants for us right now!
I know I am probably taking this way too seriously but like I said it stuck with me all day. We all have a role to play and as long as we are doing what God wants, what is the problem? Let God judge their hearts and just go on doing the best you can!

Friday, November 11, 2005

Which Hotel?

Travel Agent sent me three price quotes for the trip to Hawaii. The most expensive is for Hyatt, then Westin and the cheapest was Kaapannali Shores. Anybody out there got an opinion about one of these hotels or maybe a better suggestion. I guess I need to get a travel book from the library or bookstore and do some more research. I am torn between being my normal frugal (always hunting for a bargain) self and throwing caution to the wind and being a little extravagant with this trip. I guess I need a happy medium somewhere! So Jettybetty, Sandy tell me what to do, I need to make some decisions soon!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Awesome Little Swimmer!

K is doing fantastic with her swimming lessons. I thought those lessons were going to be the death of both of us. She fought me tooth and nail over them but Mama won and she has stuck with them for about 8 or 9 weeks so far! Today she swam the whole length of the pool twice, which is quite an accomplishment for a child who refused to even stay in the water a few weeks ago! I knew she could do it once she made up her mind. This child can accomplish amazing things if she has the desire. If she lacks the desire it is near impossible to get her to do it! She is my little blessing from God, the try-er of my patience, the cutie pattootee, my pride and joy and at times our greatest obstacle for household peace. I think I will keep her! (At least until tomorrow!)

A Bit Better!

I am feeling a bit better and starting to get back into my old routine. I need to go to the school and do some work for K's teacher and then tomorrow I work in the copy room at her school. Life goes on even when Mama gets sick. So far K has not gotten sick, thank goodness for that! Don't have much to say today, just wanted to get off the pity party entry and onto something more positive. Hope all have a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Poor Pitiful Me!

My ears have been stuffed up and ringing since Sunday and my hearing aid is broken. I could not go get the aid fixed yesterday because I needed to wait on the furniture repair guys to come pick up the blanket chest that was damaged when the water line burst and flooded the house. While I was waiting for the repair guys, I started sweating like crazy and was dizzy. Then the room started to go dark and I got dry heaves. So I sent my dearest hubby a text message (I need my hearing aid to use the phone) to come home, so he could let the repair guys in and deal with darling daughter when she got off the bus. ( Also just on the outside chance that I did pass out or have a stroke I thought it would be a good idea for him to be home!) Of course the repair guys got here before darling hubby, so I let them in warning them I might have the flu ( I am sure I looked like something the cat drug in and the dog refused to play with!) Once they left, I left the front door unlocked so daughter could get in the house incase hubby was delayed and went to bed. Hubby showed up shortly and was appropriately sympathetic and helpful, kept daughter out of bedroom and later brought me crakers and sprite. Whatever this was lasted about 4 hours and then I was okay.
Today I woke up and still have stuffy ears and it feels like I have battery acid down my throat and my ribs and teeth hurt (what is up with that?) So I drag myself to the doctor, where the nurse proceeds to yell at me because the receptionist told her my aid was broken and she should talk very loudly. I told the receptionist not to talk louder to me but to look at me because I read lips. I can hear the noise I know you are yelling at me but unless I can see your mouth I can't read your lips .But she still told the nurse to yell at me! (I think the receptionist must be related to the doctor because she has been there a long time (5 years) and is not the brightest bulb in the office!) Nurse was very apologetic and stopped yelling at me promptly! Dr. said I have one ear drum bulging in and one bulging out, guess there is a vacuum (or maybe a void) between my ears! Anyway, I have a sinus infection so he gave me two shots (sore bum!) and three different meds to take. I really hope to feel better soon.
I am going to take my aid in tomorrow (if I am not too dizzy to drive) and see if I can get it fixed. When it rains it pours around here. Hubby was sick last weekend and am hoping darling daughter can stay well! So here is my little pity party, tomorrow better be a better day! It has been a no good, horrible, very bad few days!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Saturday Night Wow!

We attended a fundraising concert for SWCC (Southwest Christian College) that was held at our church last night. All I can say is Wow! There was a group from SWCC, A couple of groups from Austin (One Voice and Soldiers of Power), and then some local groups that sang. Wow, it was awesome! It ran long and my 8 year old was getting antsy by the end but it was great! I am surprised the old church is still standing because they raised the roof and rocked the rafters last night. A couple of my friends at church were in charge of getting it together and they were very pleased with the money that was raised last night so I guess it worked out well for everyone. Our church has gone from being a predominately anglo congregation to a nice mixture over the last year or so, due mainly to a split within one of the black congregations in the area unfortunately but their loss has definitely been our gain. We have become good friends with several of the new families and are enjoying the diversity. During the benefit, my daughter said she wanted to attend college there when she grew up and then after seeing the video show she said "but there were no white people there" We told her maybe that will change by the time you go to college. Hopefully by the time she can go to college it will not matter what color you are, no matter where you decide to go to college or worship. Thank you God for making us all different and all special!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Hawaii Lowdown!

Anyone who lives in or has visited Hawaii, please leave me a comment and tell me what to do and what to see when we go for our second anniversary. Please keep in mind that I am over 40 (just barely) and out of shape (not so barely) So surfing is probably right out, although I might could manage jet skis. So if you are listening (or rather reading) out there send me the inside scoop on what to do and see to make this a memorable trip. Thanks in advance. I know that Jettybetty and Sandy will have some good suggestions for me, anybody else? If you haven't been to Hawaii but just have a good travel tip or romantic suggestion, send it on my way!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Lots of Trick or Treaters!

Our little subdivision always has lots of trick or treaters and last night was no exception. Seems like no matter how much candy I buy, we end up giving away most or all of it. Which is good because we certainly don't need to eat the leftovers. It is good to live in an area where I feel safe letting my daughter (she was Cinderella by the way) go around to the neighbors houses. I may have done too good of a job making her feel safe, she had a hard time understanding why she could not eat the candy until we had inspected it. She kept saying "no one would hurt me" or something to that effect. How do I keep her innocent and yet keep her safe? I don't want to scare her but there is no way I can know every family in this neighborhood although we do try to limit her door knocking to the immediate area around our house.
We live in a gated community but it is not real hard to get in ( just follow someone) so we usally get extra carloads of kids for Halloween. In some ways that bothers me that "outsiders" are in our neighborhood but then I realize they are just looking for a safe place for their kids to trick or treat. As long as they are not causing trouble, what is the harm? So I try to soften my attitude and figure that is what Jesus would want me to do.
It is a lot cooler today but it is Nov. it should be cool outside! Hard to believe that 2005 just has two months left. They will be busy ones and fly by I am sure. Hope this finds you and your families enjoying the blessings that God has bestowed upon you. For we are all blessed beyond measure and have so much to be thankful for. Happy Autumn Everyone!