Thursday, September 28, 2006

It's Officially Fall!

I told my hubby that Fall had officially arrived last week, because I had my first "Pumpkin Spice Latte" from Starbucks! Yummy! It is funny that I like Fall so much because yellows, browns and oranges are not my favorite colors. However, I love the smell of apple cider, cinnamon and pumpkin bread baking. My favorite air freshener is the pumpkin spice oil from Bath and Body Works. I don't really like Halloween but love having pumpkins (prefer them uncarved) on the front porch. I love that I need a sweater when I walk out to the bus with darling daughter at 7 am. Here's hoping that you are enjoying this great Fall season where you are. Won't be long until it's "Soup and Chili Weather" but it needs to get a little colder.

Monday, September 18, 2006

First Interpreted Service

We had our first interpreted service for the deaf and hard of hearing yesterday. I think it went great. There are things we can do to make it better and to help it flow smoother and we are working on implementing those things this week. I think God was pleased with our work.

I was able to see some folks from A&M, who were in town for the A&M/ARMY game. It is always good to see familiar faces. The Aggies and the Cowboys won this weekend (how often does that happen?--Never!!!) So it was a good football weekend for our household.

Hope this week is filled with blessing for you and your families!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Crying Babies!

Tonight was my first night in Cradle roll at church in about 9 months. I usually help teach every other quarter but had to sit out the Spring quarter due to teaching a sign language class for the kids. was good to be back.

Turns out there are only two kids in the class that were there when I left, all the others are new babies. The first one came in, a chubby little fellow about 4 months old, I think it was only his second time to be left in the nursery (Mom seemed a little nervous about leaving him) He was a cutie and it was great to be holding a baby again. Then the second baby came, a little girl about 6 months old. The third baby was a little boy, about 11 months old and then another little boy about a year old. Then all four started crying at once.

Fortunately, we had four sets of arms to hold them, but then we got two more, both about 18 months old or so. They were old pros at cradle roll and soon they were happily playing with the toys. There was actually one point in the evening where all the babies were happy and quiet. It did not last long though!!!!!

It is sweet to be with the babies again. I miss having a little one in the house. It is great to be able to give them back to Mom at the end of the hour too!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Pray for us!

Well, it is official now, there is no going back. Starting next Sunday our church will have interpreted services. This is really scary to me. I want this to happen, I want to open up these new doors but I am really scared of failing. We had a meeting after church this morning and had 6 or 7 that showed an interest and 3 people who were not able to come to the meeting. From that group, we have 4 people who are able to interprete so hopefully no one will burn out from too much work.

It is not a full blown deaf ministry yet, just an interpreted service on Sundays. It has to start somewhere though, and God will control how fast (or if) we continue to grow. Please keep us in your prayers. Most of the responsibility will fall on my husbands shoulders but I am his support team. Pray that people continue to show an interest in this ministry and that God blesses us.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Busy,Busy, Busy!

My In Laws are coming today. I am going to work in the copy room at school this morning. I need to pick up donut holes for Grandparents Day at school tomorrow. I need to mail a birthday present to my sister in law. I need to buy my Father in law a present for his birthday, because we are going to celebrate it early while they are in town. I should probably clean the house a little more. I need to fix something good for dinner, but will probably just pick up BBQ. Darling daughter has a doctor's appt this afternoon. I am still dragging from the cold that I had all weekend. I have already done all the laundry, changed the sheets on the beds, and cleaned the bathrooms! Whew, I am a little busy today but Praise the Lord I am able to do it all! I am blessed with so many good things in this life. I have a beautiful family, a lovely home, an exemplary school for my daughter to get her education at.

So why am I blogging when I have so much to do today?
Whoops! Better Get Going, Bye......