Sunday, September 10, 2006

Pray for us!

Well, it is official now, there is no going back. Starting next Sunday our church will have interpreted services. This is really scary to me. I want this to happen, I want to open up these new doors but I am really scared of failing. We had a meeting after church this morning and had 6 or 7 that showed an interest and 3 people who were not able to come to the meeting. From that group, we have 4 people who are able to interprete so hopefully no one will burn out from too much work.

It is not a full blown deaf ministry yet, just an interpreted service on Sundays. It has to start somewhere though, and God will control how fast (or if) we continue to grow. Please keep us in your prayers. Most of the responsibility will fall on my husbands shoulders but I am his support team. Pray that people continue to show an interest in this ministry and that God blesses us.


jettybetty said...

Hey that's exciting--God may use you to bless others!!!

TMK said...

I can't wait! I wish I was in service more often to see this wonderful new addition to NS! Thanks so much to you and Kyle for doing this. Praying for ya.

IvanC said...

Our church is interpreted too.. there's a normal "hearing" service and also an interpreted one. We go to the local University chapel which has a sort of a round shame (greek theatre style) which is really good as the interpreter stays at the bottom and we can watch the mass AND the interpreter. Haven't been going to often recently though due to our little monkey!