Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Parable of The Toilet Seat

Once there was a family who lived all together in a big house, on a nice street, in the good part of town. One night the wife went to use the toilet in the dark as not to disturb her sleeping husband, as he was a hard worker and she knew he needed his sleep. She was very tired also from watching their children, taking care of their home and all the numerous volunteer duties she had. In her weariness, and the pressing urgency of her bladder (brought on in part from the numerous children she had bore), she forgot to check the seat and fell in with a splash.

The howling awoke the whole family as Mother, vocally expressed her shock at the cold, wet, water that now drenched her lower body and nighgown. The husband and children all had a good laugh at poor Mothers expense, Mother cleaned herself up, got all the children put back to bed (all by herself I might add because hubby was already snoring loudly by this point) and then she was able to go back to bed herself.

Little did she and her family know what lay in wait for them……From that simple fall into the toilet bowl had set in motion a chain of events that would lead to tragedy. As the family slept so peacefully, a tiny germ, introduced through the act of falling into the germ laden toilet bowl, took hold of Mothers body.

A few days later, Mother noticed that she did not have the energy she usually possessed. She shrugged it off , as we all know that Mothers do not have time to be sick. By the time the rest of the family noticed the toil the germ was taking on dear Mother, it was too late!

The germ took over her body and then her mind, poor Mother was not herself anymore. Father came home to find dirty dishes in the sink, clothes piled knee high in the laundry room, a message on the answering machine asking that Little Johnny be picked up from Day Care. Mother had simply vanished.

As for her Family, the dishes and the clothes eventually took over the house, as there was no one to clean them with Mother gone. Little Johnny was adopted by the Day Care Center Owner, as no one ever bothered to retrieve him that day. The other children have grown up to wander aimlessly around, begging from neighbors and friends. Father has taken to finding comfort in a bottle, as there is no one left at home.

So what happened to Mother? Some say she ran away to Tahiti because she knew she was losing her mind and did not want to harm her family in any way, others say she found a cure in Fiji along with a handsome young lover who does not take her for granted and NEVER, EVER LEAVES THE SEAT UP!

--This was written in response to Niki's blog about toilet seats, it does not reflect any problem in my marriage. My sweet hubby never leaves the seat up!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I haven't written about my cochlear implant in a while so I thought I would post an update. I have made some real progress with it over the last few months. I was picking up a lot of background noise that was driving me batty, so when I had the remap session yesterday I had her change the sensativity. It seems better today.

I still struggle in noisy environments but I think I am doing pretty good in quieter settings. Music still does not sound so great to me. The audiologist says this is pretty normal and it will take longer for my brain to process the music just because it is more complexed than voices. She did make a special program that is supposed to make music sound better and it did seem to sound a little better when we tested it in her office.

Right now, I am really more interested in becoming more proficient with understanding speech. So I am not too concerned about the music, although I do miss having music in my life. I have come so far since last year, when I first started this long journey.

Hope you are all having a blessed week. Say a little prayer for my hubby as he is sick with a sinus infection and not feeling so well. Time for darling daughter to get off the school bus so I better go! Blessings!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

There's got to be a morning after.....

We held on thru the night and survived the Birthday Sleepover! Whew, glad that is done with and peace returns to this house. Baby Girl celebrated her 9th Birthday yesterday. Hubby and I took Baby Girl and three of her closest (and noisiest) friends to dinner last night.

We took the girls to The Magic Time Machine. They had a blast, we were seated in a booth shaped like a hut with little windows and the girls spent a large portion of the time hanging out the windows trying to get the cast members (waitpersons) to sign their autograph (menu) books. They would scream everytime the Johnny Depp character from Pirates of the Carribean came by. He autographed by putting his sword thru the menus, err I mean autograph books. Basically, you don't go to this place for the food but it was an evening of fun.

We returned to the house for cake, presents, dress up play, movie and some impromptu dancing by the girls. One little girl elected to go home, rather than spend the night but the other two camped out on the family room rug. We seriously started trying to get them down by midnight and I think for the most part succeeded by 1 am. It was our own who had the most trouble winding down.

Hubby got up and fixed them some breakfast this morning letting me sleep in, (he is such a sweetie, I think I will keep him!) The last girl went home about 11 and took baby girl with her! So it is quiet here again. I am glad they all had a great time and I am very glad it is over with for at least another year. You would think noise would not bother a deaf person but it just adds chaos to confusion for me.

Happy Birthday to my beloved Baby Girl, we are so glad that God has blessed us to be your parents for the last 9 years. You are growing into such a sweet young lady and we are very proud of you!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Monday Musings

Hello all, here's hoping you had a great weekend. Ours finished better than it started out.

To those who care for "rest of the story" regarding the plumber. He called about 6 pm on Thursday and asked to come out and finish the job. He arrived at 6:40 and soon was working in the dark. My daughter being the sweet thing that she is, was worried that he might cut his finger or something and wanted to go hold the flashlight for him. I assured her that if he cut himself he would come to the door and I would (maybe) call 911 for him. I was not too sympathetic towards him having to work late due to the number of bright sun shiny hours I spent waiting on him. He finished the job about 8:30 and presented me with the $225. bill, then graciously took $20 off because he was such a sweet guy. I am glad to be finished with him and do not plan to use that company again. He never even apologized for all the time he kept me waiting.

Friday we had planned to leave as soon as darling daughter got out of school for a trip to my parents house but Hubby did not know if he would be able to make the trip due to problems at work. Fortunately, he was able to work everything out and we got on the road by 5pm. The only good thing about leaving here late is that traffic thru Houston was not as bad. We arrived at my parents home around 9 45.

We celebrated darling daughter's birthday on Sat. with a family party. Granny made her a doll cake, which thrilled her. I wish I had a picture but forgot to bring the camera. We visited with my brother and his family and watched the Aggies beat Missouri! Darling daughter has money burning a hole in her pocket now, as both my parents and my brother gave her money for her birthday. We keep trying to explain to her that she might (will) get some more money for her actual birthday and if she waits she might be able to buy something really nice, rather than just nickle and dime-ing it away.

Sunday, we went to church with my parent for a Homecoming Celebration. My brother and his wife came also (quite an accomplishment as my brother does not usually go to church) and we were able to see the refurbished building. The church building lost its roof in last years Hurricane and due to the delay in being able to repair it developed mold, so it took a year to refurbish and clean up the mess inside. The church had been meeting in a little annex building for the past year and there membership had dropped way down. It was great to see some old friends and renew some relationships. I guess it was fitting that it rained all day but we enjoyed the fellowship anyway. They provided a good BBQ lunch and lots of homemade desserts.

It rained on us all the way home, making the trip thru Houston rather "hairy" but we made it home safe and sound. This week will be filled with appts., birthday shopping and birthday celebrations as Darling Daughter will turn 9 on Friday. We are having a slumber party, so please pray for us as these little girls take over our home for the evening! Blessings to all for a great week!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Why I need Prosac!

I really wanted this to be a funny post about how service people keep you waiting for them but basically I am just really ticked off about this and I can't think of anything funny about it right now. This will be a rant rather than a comedy essay (feel free to check out now)


Monday while I was out, the yard guys came by and left a message on the machine that we had a water leak in the yard. Lo, and behold , they were correct. So I called our lovely plumbing service people to come fix it. They told me they would be there in an hour, then they called and said they would be there in a few hours, then they called and said they would be there the next morning.

Hubby came home took a look at it (I wasn't sticking my hand down that hole with frogs, snakes and who knows what else) and figured out that it was a crack in the pvc pipe leading to the pressure regulator, that above mentioned plumbing service installed last year. He had us take our baths and fill up the tubs with water so we could flush the toilets and then hubby turned off the water.

Plumber came next morning and starts working on part and it begins to rain. So he put a temporary patch on it and turned our water back on. He assured me that he would be back out early the next morning to fix it, as long as it was not raining. No problem, I even had him look at the leaky shower in the Master bath. He said he would bring the part and fix it when he finished the outside job.

So far, so good, everyone is happy. This morning I wait for him until about 10:30 and when he does not show I call his company office. Oh, he will not be able to come untill 4 pm. Why didn't he tell me that before instead of having me wait all morning for him?I had several errands to run and had lost the whole morning waiting on this guy. I told them that it was fine if he came at 4 but he had to finish the job by 5 :30 because I had to leave at 5 :30. They did not know if that would give him enough time, so they said he would come out between 8 and 10am on Thurs. That would be fine as long as he is here and finished by 10:30 because I have to leave to go to work(at the school) at 10:30. Oh well, then they will have the tech call me at 3 pm because that may not be enough time, I can talk to tech and work something out. Fine.

4:15, still no call from Tech. So I call company again, oh they just talked to Tech and he will come out between 8 and 10 tomorrow morning. "Well he better come at 8 because I will be leaving at 10:30". Oh they will give him the message but he should be there before 10 or will call me and tell me he is not going to make it. I thought I was the deaf person here! Did I not just say, he had to come early that I would leave at 10:30 and they are saying he will be here at 10 am.

So tomorrow for the 3rd day in a row I will be waiting for the plumber to show up, Anybody want to lay wagers as to if he will actually show up this time? I guess they just assume that since I am a stay at home mom that I just sit around and eat bon bons all day and have nothing better to do than wait on the %$#@ plumber!


So say a little prayer for me tomorrow that I can control my temper and my tongue as I deal with my less than punctual plumber!

Thursday, October 05, 2006


I know everyone thinks they have the best Mama in the whole world but I really do! I appreciate her more than she knows. She has always put me and everyone else before her own needs. She has been a wonderful Christian example and her grandaughter thinks she rocks!!!!! I hope she knows that I love her and I am so thankful that God made her my Mama!

Happy 70th Birthday Mama! Can't wait to see you next weekend!