Monday, October 16, 2006

Monday Musings

Hello all, here's hoping you had a great weekend. Ours finished better than it started out.

To those who care for "rest of the story" regarding the plumber. He called about 6 pm on Thursday and asked to come out and finish the job. He arrived at 6:40 and soon was working in the dark. My daughter being the sweet thing that she is, was worried that he might cut his finger or something and wanted to go hold the flashlight for him. I assured her that if he cut himself he would come to the door and I would (maybe) call 911 for him. I was not too sympathetic towards him having to work late due to the number of bright sun shiny hours I spent waiting on him. He finished the job about 8:30 and presented me with the $225. bill, then graciously took $20 off because he was such a sweet guy. I am glad to be finished with him and do not plan to use that company again. He never even apologized for all the time he kept me waiting.

Friday we had planned to leave as soon as darling daughter got out of school for a trip to my parents house but Hubby did not know if he would be able to make the trip due to problems at work. Fortunately, he was able to work everything out and we got on the road by 5pm. The only good thing about leaving here late is that traffic thru Houston was not as bad. We arrived at my parents home around 9 45.

We celebrated darling daughter's birthday on Sat. with a family party. Granny made her a doll cake, which thrilled her. I wish I had a picture but forgot to bring the camera. We visited with my brother and his family and watched the Aggies beat Missouri! Darling daughter has money burning a hole in her pocket now, as both my parents and my brother gave her money for her birthday. We keep trying to explain to her that she might (will) get some more money for her actual birthday and if she waits she might be able to buy something really nice, rather than just nickle and dime-ing it away.

Sunday, we went to church with my parent for a Homecoming Celebration. My brother and his wife came also (quite an accomplishment as my brother does not usually go to church) and we were able to see the refurbished building. The church building lost its roof in last years Hurricane and due to the delay in being able to repair it developed mold, so it took a year to refurbish and clean up the mess inside. The church had been meeting in a little annex building for the past year and there membership had dropped way down. It was great to see some old friends and renew some relationships. I guess it was fitting that it rained all day but we enjoyed the fellowship anyway. They provided a good BBQ lunch and lots of homemade desserts.

It rained on us all the way home, making the trip thru Houston rather "hairy" but we made it home safe and sound. This week will be filled with appts., birthday shopping and birthday celebrations as Darling Daughter will turn 9 on Friday. We are having a slumber party, so please pray for us as these little girls take over our home for the evening! Blessings to all for a great week!


aggiejenn said...

So glad you're done with the plumber!

It's rained ALL DAY today in Houston as well. Lots of flooding and nasty roads. I'm sure y'all did have a "hairy" time getting through yesterday. Glad you made it safely home!

jettybetty said...

Sounds like a fun weekend--except for the rain perhaps--how exciting your DD is turning 9!

And, I am still happy A&M beat Missouri!

Where does one find a good plumber? We had a bad experience recently, too.

Dee O'Neil Andrews said...

That's ONE nice thing about renting while we build our house. We just call the landlady when we have any problems!

But I'd still rather be in our own home. I'm terribly tired of living surrounded by boxes.