Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Crying Babies!

Tonight was my first night in Cradle roll at church in about 9 months. I usually help teach every other quarter but had to sit out the Spring quarter due to teaching a sign language class for the kids. was good to be back.

Turns out there are only two kids in the class that were there when I left, all the others are new babies. The first one came in, a chubby little fellow about 4 months old, I think it was only his second time to be left in the nursery (Mom seemed a little nervous about leaving him) He was a cutie and it was great to be holding a baby again. Then the second baby came, a little girl about 6 months old. The third baby was a little boy, about 11 months old and then another little boy about a year old. Then all four started crying at once.

Fortunately, we had four sets of arms to hold them, but then we got two more, both about 18 months old or so. They were old pros at cradle roll and soon they were happily playing with the toys. There was actually one point in the evening where all the babies were happy and quiet. It did not last long though!!!!!

It is sweet to be with the babies again. I miss having a little one in the house. It is great to be able to give them back to Mom at the end of the hour too!


jettybetty said...

I love to hold them for an hour, too! I remember having an hour off was so nice, too!

aggiejenn said...

We are teaching the Cradle Roll at church starting this Sunday. I know it's going to be a lot of fun!