Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Lots of Trick or Treaters!

Our little subdivision always has lots of trick or treaters and last night was no exception. Seems like no matter how much candy I buy, we end up giving away most or all of it. Which is good because we certainly don't need to eat the leftovers. It is good to live in an area where I feel safe letting my daughter (she was Cinderella by the way) go around to the neighbors houses. I may have done too good of a job making her feel safe, she had a hard time understanding why she could not eat the candy until we had inspected it. She kept saying "no one would hurt me" or something to that effect. How do I keep her innocent and yet keep her safe? I don't want to scare her but there is no way I can know every family in this neighborhood although we do try to limit her door knocking to the immediate area around our house.
We live in a gated community but it is not real hard to get in ( just follow someone) so we usally get extra carloads of kids for Halloween. In some ways that bothers me that "outsiders" are in our neighborhood but then I realize they are just looking for a safe place for their kids to trick or treat. As long as they are not causing trouble, what is the harm? So I try to soften my attitude and figure that is what Jesus would want me to do.
It is a lot cooler today but it is Nov. it should be cool outside! Hard to believe that 2005 just has two months left. They will be busy ones and fly by I am sure. Hope this finds you and your families enjoying the blessings that God has bestowed upon you. For we are all blessed beyond measure and have so much to be thankful for. Happy Autumn Everyone!


jettybetty said...

I didn't buy enough candy last year--so I bought too much this year--and unfortunately--I have been eating it--shame on me!

How do you keep your daughter safe and innocent? Good question--but try to do it as long as you can!!

TMK said...

Glad you had a good Halloween. We have WAY too much candy at our house!! We only went around the block too. Have a good day!

MAK said...

Have you been busy, you have not blogged in awhile! Hope everyone is well!

Sandy said...

we had waaay too much candy too.
I hate to tell you this, but they probably didn't come to your neighborhood for "safe" candy, if it's gated, they are thinking you guys are rich and are going to give GOOD candy, and lots of it!

MAK said...

Almost all the neighborhoods around here are gated but it is a joke because it is so easy to gain access. The rich neighborhoods are gated and guarded and much harder to get into. This is strictly a middle class neighborhood, not rich but not poor either. We had pretty good candy but were definitely running low on the chocolate stuff!