Wednesday, November 30, 2005

ENT visit

I saw the ENT today and unfortunately did not get many answers. He really does not know what the problem is. He said it is possible that this is temporary and will clear up but also possible that I have lost more of my hearing and there is no going back from that. He is sending me for a Brain MRI to rule out anything else and also referred me to another ENT that does cochlear implants. They did another hearing test and I can tell a real difference in what I am understanding with regards to my good ear (the one with the hearing aid) for the first time since I lost my hearing at age 5, I am understanding more words in my right ear(un-aided) than my left ear. That makes me think that some serious damage has gone on in my left ear. I still feel like there is fluid on my ears and I am having ringing noises in my ears. Looks like I might be able to get into the other ENT by the end of the year so maybe will know something before too long about the possibility of an implant. All of this makes me question if I want to go ahead with the plans to go to Hawaii. I want to go but wonder if I would enjoy it more if I wait until after CI when I can hear better. I feel very vulnerable in strange places without my aid. Airports make me nervous when I do have my aid, so I am wondering how I will feel about trip. Hubby and I need to sit down and talk about all of this I guess.


jettybetty said...

Sounds like you are thinking positively about the implants?

Hawaii might be able to wait--just a bit--with the implant(s) you might be able to hear the ocean waves a bit better???!

TMK said...

Oh man~ I am so sorry! Like JB said, Hawaii isn't going anywhere. God is in control, just listen to His plan for you. You can always hear Him! Love you. Thanks for your comments on my blog. Ty is not doing very good at home. I thought it might be better, but he is so sad and depressed. Pray for us please

MAK said...

Quick update, I got an appt with the cochlear ENT for next friday (quicker than I thought I would) and I had the brain MRI done today. That was not fun, I am claustrophobic so I was fighting it the whole time. I kept singing (in my head not out loud) hymns and songs from church but it was hard because the machine was so loud it drowned me out! They had trouble finding a vein for the contrast agent so I have a sore arm and a headache now but it is over and hopefully they will not find a brain tumor or anything major like that! I guess I will just have to wait until next Thurs to find out what the MRI shows (that is when I go back to regular ENT) I need to get my Christmas decorations up and Kyle and I have his company Christmas party this weekend, so it will probably be a busy weekend! Hope yours is good!

elizabeth said...

I am sure you are very frustrated right now. Coming from a Speech Path perspective, I hear nothing but wonderful things about CI. The advances they have made even since I graduated from grad school 8 years ago is remarkable.

My future sister in law works for Hear in Dallas and they have a website that you might find beneficial.

They mostly work with children but there might be useful information for you.

Good luck!