Thursday, November 03, 2005

Hawaii Lowdown!

Anyone who lives in or has visited Hawaii, please leave me a comment and tell me what to do and what to see when we go for our second anniversary. Please keep in mind that I am over 40 (just barely) and out of shape (not so barely) So surfing is probably right out, although I might could manage jet skis. So if you are listening (or rather reading) out there send me the inside scoop on what to do and see to make this a memorable trip. Thanks in advance. I know that Jettybetty and Sandy will have some good suggestions for me, anybody else? If you haven't been to Hawaii but just have a good travel tip or romantic suggestion, send it on my way!


jettybetty said...

I could say so much about this one--I could run out of comment space! Hawaii is my favorite place to visit on earth. AND, Sandy is my favorite person in Maui!!!

Do you want to go to just one island--or more? Do you know which island(s) you want to experience?

I can't surf, but I LOVE to snorkel. You pretty much float in salt water, it's easy to learn to do. I love seeing the beautiful fish and water life.

If the waves are just right, you can body surf--much easier than regular surfing--and it's loads of fun, too.

My favorite thing to do on the beach is walk! I love to walk first thing in the morning for as long as I can stand--and then as the sun is going down. (There's about 2 hours of every day.

Do you know where you are going to stay? I love to listen to the water while I sleep--I sleep sooooo good!

Hawaiian food is wonderful. There are lots of activities on the different islands--let me know which ones and I will tell you my favorites.

However, the best part, not to be missed--is RELAXING--in Hawaii. I wouldn't over-plan doing things so that you don't really get to enjoy just being there.

I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! Can you leave tomorrow???

TMK said...

What anniversary? It says second? I know you have been married longer than 2 years girl! I would love to give you tips on Hawaii, but no can do...never been there. Is K going? I am guessing not. You will have so much fun!!

MAK said...

Sorry bout that, what I meant was 2nd Honeymoon! We will have been married for 15 years in Feb. NO NO NO NO, the little darling is NOT going! I am praying that my parents stay healthy so they can babysit! I asked Big K if he wanted to scrap the Hawaii plans and take little K to Disney World again.... I will let you guess what his response to that was....

Deb said...

Hello, I linked to you through Rebekah's Page ---I've never been to Hawaii, but my sister and brother-in-law have been there almost every year for several years. They always stay on Maui and I know that they would have some great ideas and suggestions for you. If you're interested, send me an email and I'll forward your request to my sister.
Thanks and God bless you!

MAK said...

I am pretty sure that we are going to be on Maui, that seems to be where most of my Hawaii loving friends are suggesting. The travel agent has recommended several places to stay but we are still in the planning stage so nothing definite has been decided. This is probably going to be a once in a lifetime sort of thing so we want someplace nice and memorable but not so fancy that we would be uncomfortable or feel out of place. We went snorkling on our honeymoon to Cancun and then again in Georgetown and Cozumel when we went on the cruise in 2002. Floating is not a problem for me! Ha! So we probably will try snorkeling. Thanks for your suggestions!

jettybetty said...

Maui is a great choice! There is so much to do!

There are 2 primary resort areas on Maui--one is southwest (Wailea) and one is north and west (Ka'anapali). You can't go wrong either place--I love both of them.

Close by both of these are resort areas are lots of condos, that are a bit cheaper and still wonderful.

Hawaii is very informal--even in the expensive resorts. Part of the reason I love it--you just wear shorts (capri pants to dress up) and flip flops everywhere!

On Maui there's Haleakala--you can go up there and watch the sun rise above the clouds. It is amazing--but it is cold. Take a warm jacket if you plan on that. Also, I suggest you do it the first morning you are there--you will be awake early anyway. You will need to leave you hotel by 4 am (but remember that's 8 am TX time.)

I also love Hana--but when we did the drive we spent a night there. It's easy to do in a day if you like, though. We stopped many times along the way--it's soo spectacular.

The wonderful part about Hawaii is that all the beaches are public. The expensive resorts have to have public parking spots to go to the beach their hotels sit on. So, wherever you stay, you can go to any beach.

Our fav spot to snorkle is Black Rock on Ka'anapali. If you end up staying down south there's some good spots there, too.

I have several favorite restaraunts--we usually stay up north, so that's where most of them are. We don't eat fancy, we eat Hawaiian, so my suggestions may have better food than atmosphere. If you want a really nice place for an anniversary meal--that will be no problem either!!

I am so excited for you. Maui is wonderful!!!

Sandy said...

ooh! How did I miss this one!?
You're coming to Maui?? When?!
I agree with JB, snorkeling is awesome. If you are here during whale season, then definitely take a whale watch cruise. I'd also recommend a snorkel trip on a boat to Molokini and turtle town. There's also a canoe club that lets tourists paddle and you paddle out to the turtles, it's really nice.