Saturday, November 19, 2005

Bummer Weekend!

K was up most of the night with congestion, so she is sick on her week off. Got my hearing aid back from the repair place and I can't use it. Sounds are totally distorted. Hearing aid guy says aid is fine, I must still have fluid or infection in my ears. Made an appt with ENT but can't get in until Weds after Thanksgiving. So I guess I will go back to regular Dr. on Monday to see what he can do for me. So all our plans for Thanksgiving are being changed, had planned to take K to see my parents but now we will have to stay home and go to dr. on Monday. I hope they are in the office this week, as all the kids in area are out all week for Thanksgiving Holidays. K is a total grump today. We were scheduled to have holiday portraits made today but cancelled that due to K being sick. So basically this is shaping up to be a bummer weekend. This too shall pass, just hope it does soon! Hope your weekend and plans are going great.


jettybetty said...

I hope K is feeling better and your ears get better! Hopefully your week will be wonderful!

elizabeth said...

Hope things go better for you and your ears feel better.

I didn't know you had a hearing loss. I am a speech pathologist and I did an internship with an audiologist at an ENT office. My SIL is an SLP too and she works with cochlear implants which is SO fascinating! I went with her to a conference recently and it made me want to start working with CI's.

Have a great holiday weekend!