Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Poor Pitiful Me!

My ears have been stuffed up and ringing since Sunday and my hearing aid is broken. I could not go get the aid fixed yesterday because I needed to wait on the furniture repair guys to come pick up the blanket chest that was damaged when the water line burst and flooded the house. While I was waiting for the repair guys, I started sweating like crazy and was dizzy. Then the room started to go dark and I got dry heaves. So I sent my dearest hubby a text message (I need my hearing aid to use the phone) to come home, so he could let the repair guys in and deal with darling daughter when she got off the bus. ( Also just on the outside chance that I did pass out or have a stroke I thought it would be a good idea for him to be home!) Of course the repair guys got here before darling hubby, so I let them in warning them I might have the flu ( I am sure I looked like something the cat drug in and the dog refused to play with!) Once they left, I left the front door unlocked so daughter could get in the house incase hubby was delayed and went to bed. Hubby showed up shortly and was appropriately sympathetic and helpful, kept daughter out of bedroom and later brought me crakers and sprite. Whatever this was lasted about 4 hours and then I was okay.
Today I woke up and still have stuffy ears and it feels like I have battery acid down my throat and my ribs and teeth hurt (what is up with that?) So I drag myself to the doctor, where the nurse proceeds to yell at me because the receptionist told her my aid was broken and she should talk very loudly. I told the receptionist not to talk louder to me but to look at me because I read lips. I can hear the noise I know you are yelling at me but unless I can see your mouth I can't read your lips .But she still told the nurse to yell at me! (I think the receptionist must be related to the doctor because she has been there a long time (5 years) and is not the brightest bulb in the office!) Nurse was very apologetic and stopped yelling at me promptly! Dr. said I have one ear drum bulging in and one bulging out, guess there is a vacuum (or maybe a void) between my ears! Anyway, I have a sinus infection so he gave me two shots (sore bum!) and three different meds to take. I really hope to feel better soon.
I am going to take my aid in tomorrow (if I am not too dizzy to drive) and see if I can get it fixed. When it rains it pours around here. Hubby was sick last weekend and am hoping darling daughter can stay well! So here is my little pity party, tomorrow better be a better day! It has been a no good, horrible, very bad few days!


TMK said...

Oh my word! That is just a storm over at your house. Hope you are feeling better today. Praying for ya!

jettybetty said...

So much crud going around--yours sounds like no fun--hope you are better soon--and your daughter stays crud free!