Monday, November 21, 2005

Things are looking up (a little!)

Sorry if my last post was negative. Things are looking a little better. K is feeling better, still coughing a little but not near as congested. All our plans for Thanksgiving had to be changed but that can't really be helped. I got an appt for the doctor for tomorrow morning (all booked for today) and am going back to the hearing aid guy this afternoon to see if we can't adjust the aid to at least help me a little bit. These last two weeks without my aid and with the ear infections have been very discouraging. I have profound hearing loss in both ears due to mumps when I was 5 years old. I pride myself on being able to function in the hearing world but that all comes to a screaching halt when my aid does not work. I find that I withdraw into myself and I lose my self confidence. I have been looking into cochlear implants but have been hesitant to do so because they have to cut off what hearing you have in order to fit you with the implants and the thought that something could go wrong and I would be worst off than I am now does not appeal to me. However if I lose any more hearing there will be nothing more a conventional hearing aid can do for me. I already wear the most powerful aid made. I have done a little research into the implants and found that my insurance will cover it but still scares me. I have not had the best of luck with surgical proceedures ( things tend to go wrong). I am looking forward to a great Thanksgiving and hope all of you have a wonderful one too!

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Mandy said...

I have only read your latest posting, my husband is in the process of having his first assessment and initial evaluation with the hope of getting his cochlear implant. My husband had very similar worries that you mentioned in your posting. My husband has profound hearing loss (but he is still the greatest man on earth as far as me and our baby daughter is concerned:)) Anyways, my husband chose to go for the implant in his 'worse' ear, so if the worse comes to the worse and the implant fails, he would still keep his hearing in his 'better' ear. Moreover he got courage from the fact that the success rates of the ci are very high....In any case, best of luck in whatever path you choose to take:) (Ivan's blog address is