Thursday, November 17, 2005

Different Talents

I was reading BST's blog this morning and he added some lyrics that a friend of his had made up to the tune of "Days of Elijah" and it just stuck with me all day. It was meant to be humorus and it was but for some reason it just bugged me as I went through my day of house cleaning and errand running. You can go look at it if you are familiar with BST but in a nutshell it was a put down on rich society, how there are starving kids in Africa and we are more concerned with our fancy cars and things. I wholeheartedly agree that we need to concern ourselves with the problems and the people in the world that are hurting but I also believe that God gave each of us our gifts and we should use them to the best of our ability. Not everyone can be a teacher, a preacher, or a missionary . Some must be financial supporters and emotional supporters for those people who do have the God given talents to go out and do the mission work.
We are not rich by any means and whatever we do have, we have because God has allowed us to have it and because we have worked hard to get it. When we were younger, we went on mission trips and we door knocked and played a more active physical role but now that we have a family and responsibilities we play a more supporting role. We give financially and we give emotionally to the Missions. We teach Bible Classes and help support our local congregation. I don't feel like I was a better Christian when I was younger and more active in Missions. Yes, I know that lots of people have families and responsibilities and still put missions first. Thank God that they can use their talents that way. I don't believe that is what God wants for us right now!
I know I am probably taking this way too seriously but like I said it stuck with me all day. We all have a role to play and as long as we are doing what God wants, what is the problem? Let God judge their hearts and just go on doing the best you can!

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Sam Middlebrook said...

The heart of someone who knows Christ yest would spend mutilpe thousands of dollars on a wristwratch is torn. They want to serve God, but they still feel the need to buy for themselves the best that money can buy.

In my years of ministry, I've never met a single large contributor to missions, orphanages, or church planting who would purposefully show off their money by making an extravagent purchase.

Just something to think about