Sunday, October 14, 2007


The second day of the cruise we were docked at Nassau. We did not plan any excursions that day so we left DD in the Oceaneer's Lab to play with her new friends and we went ashore to walk around a bit. I was a little nervous walking around because there were so many people trying to sell you things, they would reach out to hand you stuff or touch you on the arm to get your attention. It just really made me nervous.

So after a little walking around, we just went back to the ship. Hubby was starting to get a cold or allergies so he took a short nap before we hit the Adult pool. DD beeped us that she was ready to be picked up a little before dinner, so hubby took her to the kids pool and I got ready for dinner. On the Disney cruise you rotate between their three restaurants but keep the same wait staff at all three restaurants. Tritons was the dinning room of our second night and the more formal of the three. So we dressed up a little and when we got there the wait staff immediately tied pirate scarfs on our heads ( well, tried to on me, I opted to wear mine around my neck) as it was Pirate Night on the Disney Wonder. After dinner was another show, this one was called the Golden Mickey's. It was like an awards show with disney movies and characters.

The last activity of the second day was The Pirate Party up on deck. It starts out with Disney Characters dancing and then the Pirates take over the ship. In the end, Mickey flies in on a high wire and saves the day. Then the fireworks go off. It is a lot of fun for all with music and dancing. I think Disney is the only ship that shoots off fireworks.
By this time, DD was getting a little tired and cranky but not ready to give up activities for the night so we had a little melt down but all was made better by the arrival of cookies and hot chocolate delivered by Room Service! And so was the 2nd night of the cruise!

More to Come.....


Anonymous said...

I've been sitting here reading all about your cruise. Sounds like tons of fun!

Glad you got to go and can't wait to hear the rest of it!


Patriot said...

How fun!

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Activities Coordinator said...

Take me with ya next time. I don't take up that much room. Please. Pretty please.