Tuesday, November 13, 2007

From a Camel to Dolly Parton!

Thought I might get your attention with that post title! When I was with my parents a couple of weeks ago, we visited with my Aunt and Uncle one evening and were discussing Maggie's unhealthy obsession with chewing power cords. My Uncle told me to get Pigs ears for her to chew on to curb her habit. I checked them out and found they were much cheaper than Bully Sticks (I guess that makes sense, 2 per animal verses 1 per animal--if you don't understand that line then "google" the words "bully sticks" and you will!) Maggie has never had any problems with bully sticks so I thought she would be fine with pigs ears. Turns out they do not agree with Maggie puppy at all and gave her a nasty case of colitis along with vomiting and diarrhea! So yesterday, after arriving home to a royal mess and cleaning up said royal mess, I took her to the vet.

I knew I needed to get her well quickly or I would have probably nursed her back myself. The Vet gave her some antibiotics and special food. They also gave her some hydration to ward off the dehydration she was experiencing due to the vomiting and diarrhea. I had never seen anything like this. I thought they were going to give her an IV but they came back in with Maggie and she had this hump on her back. They had injected the saline solution under her skin between her shoulder blades. She looked like a camel, okay a White, Fluffy Camel but still a camel (I wish I had taken some pictures--it was too funny) So we brought her home and she started to feel better and move around a little more. About 8 or 9 pm I noticed her hump had gone down quite a bit but now she had boobs! We laughed and said she had a saline breast implant! This morning she is looking more like a teen girl going thru puberty than Dolly Parton but she is still pretty jiggly!

So Maggie is on the road to recovery, the pigs ears are being thrown out and my pocketbook is substantially lighter! Oh well, you gotta laugh or you'll spend all your time crying!

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Jennifer said...

You got MY attention with this post title....and cracked me up!! Poor Maggie...and poor pocketbook....ow! That girl is gonna do y'all in, isn't she?????