Friday, April 11, 2008

Sickness Hits Again!

Darling Daughter is sick again! I took her to the doctor yesterday, they believe it is viral but did a throat culture to rule out strep. She can't go back to school until Monday. She has missed a lot of school this year, good thing she is an A student!

Just heard back from doctor, the strep test was negative, so that is good news (I guess!) Although it would actually be easier if it were strep, just take some antibiotics and you are all better. When it is viral, you just have to let it run it's course.

I need to run up to the school and get her makeup work. Hubby is at his manager's funeral, wish I could have been there for him but sick child takes priority.

Here's hoping that DD feels better soon so the weekend is not a total bust. If you are able this weekend, go have some fun for me! Blessings!

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Dee Andrews said...

Hey, Girl -

I sure hope your daughter is feeling better now. And I hope and pray that you are doing well, too, these days.

As far as our weekend - it's been very quiet and very peaceful. We had my son Mark and his wife, Lynn, over for a birthday dinner for him last night and they had a wonderful time they said on their "dinner date" out.

Love to you all!