Friday, November 21, 2008

Praise The Lord!


So often I find myself using this blog to post my petty little complaints and gripes about life but today I want to share something glorious!

Jewel has been found!

For several years I helped in the nursery on Weds. nights at church and during that time I remember a little girl named Jewel. I remember her because she came with her grandmother. This little girl Jewel has grown into a Kindergartener (or maybe 1st grader) now but she and her grandmother still attend church with us.

Jewel's grandmother had custody of her grandaughter (I don't know all the details). On Wednesday, Jewel's mother beat Her Mother (Jewel's grandmother) and then kidnapped Jewel from school. The grandmother is in the hospital with pretty severe injuries and an Amber Alert was issued for Jewel.

Praise the Lord that Jewel was found safe today. Her Mother has been arrested and Jewel is safe. I am not sure what the future holds for this little girl and her family but am thankful that which was lost (or stolen in this case) has been found!

Thank you Lord!


Kathryn Lewis said...

I agree! I'm so thankful that she has been found!

Judy said...

Oh my word! What a story! I'm thankful Jewel was found too! Praise God!