Monday, January 05, 2009

Back to "real life"

We had a really nice Winter break. Sure, we were all sick for part of it. Sure, half the family couldn't show up for Christmas this year! Sure, we had two more deaths in the family (great aunt and SIL's father, both were expected) Sure, the house could have been decorated more and nicer. Sure, we could have done without the delay on I-35 coming home from Dallas. I could go on and on but what I would rather focus on is:

We got to spend time with people we love. We had a comfortable house with some nice Christmas decorations. We were able to celebrate Christmas with our church family in a really nice song service. We were able to attend multiple Christmas concerts showcasing our daughters singing talents. We had plenty of food and gifts for everyone. No major arguments or flare ups.

Now, we are back to real life. Hubby is at work, Daughter is at school. Mom has her quiet house back. Our batteries are all recharged and we are ready for 2009.

I pray that each of you who reads this blog (I know there is at least one person who does!) has a wonderful year filled with God's blessings. I pray that you each take a moment to realize some of those blessings and thank Him for ALL He has given you. If for some reason you had a bad Christmas, realize that it is over now and 2009 lies ahead full of hope and promise for all of us.

Blessings My Friends!


Dee Andrews said...

Hey, Girl -

Sorry I haven't dropped by in so long here. Have been keeping up with you on Facebook, though. Does THAT count?

I love your new look here with the pink, polka dots and bows. This is a great look for you!

Thanks for voting for Julian. He's up to 20th place this morning and I've sent out tons of emails to friends.

Hope you have a great new year! Ours is starting off pretty well. Glad to have 2008 over, anyway.

Much love to you and your family today!


Kathryn Lewis said...

Loved this entry =) you are such a witty author! See you at Church!

Melli said...

Real life is GOOD! I like real life! Holidays are good too. I like holidays! I think I like the perfect mix of holidays and real life!

Michelle - the Spy Museum isn't down on the Mall where all the other museums are. It's about 2 blocks from China Town -- across from the Verizon Center. (and it's not FREE like the other museums either!) But it's worth every penny it costs - IF ya get there early and get to spend as much time as you like!!! I'm sure we DID get our monies worth yesterday - but we all felt jipped that we didn't knOw we were going to need sO much time. The website SAYS about 2 hours. I don't see ANY way to get through it all in two hours -- unless you're bored stiff and wished ya didn't come there to begin with! LOL!!!

Lynn said...

Blessings to you too! Hopefully things will start looking up in 2009. For everyone. I know God's eye is on us!