Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Rest of the Story......

Back in Nov. I wrote about a little girl who was the subject of an Amber alert. This little 7 year old girl, lived with her grandmother in a remote area of town. Her drug addict Mom beat the grandmother leaving her for dead and kidnapped the little girl.

They found the little girl a few days later in a drug house in Austin and the grandmother was in critical condition in the hospital. It made the national news so many of you probably heard about it when it happened (right before Thanksgiving!)

Today I had the opportunity to talk to the grandmother for the first time since all these things happened and I want to share a little of what she told me. I am not asking that you believe everything she said just that you keep an open mind.

First of all, she looks good, she is an older lady in her 60's but she was walking well and talking well to me. I stopped her after first services and told her how happy I was to see her and that I had been praying for her and her little granddaughter.

She said "you know I died" I told her that I did not know that but knew she had been hurt really badly. She said she had a fractured skull, broken nose and bones in her face, she had a heart attack and pneumonia twice. The doctors told her family that she would not survive and yet she did. The doctors underestimated the power of prayer and the power of God!

She said that she remembers nothing from the time her daughter beat her until she was in the hospital except that a woman dressed all in white, came to her and told her "you must get up, you must get up right now!" She does not remember walking to the neighbors house 1/4 of a mile away, she doesn't remember the children being afraid of her because she was covered in blood and unrecognizable.

She said that people all over the country were praying for her and even friends in different countries heard about the situation and were praying for her. This sweet little lady (she is probably less than 5 feet tall) is a walking, breathing testament to the power of prayer and the almighty hand of God.

The little girl is back with her grandmother and they are thriving together. That is the rest of the story......don't you just love a happy ending!

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Donna G said...

I do love good endings and testimonies to the power of God.