Tuesday, March 03, 2009


We are on day 4 of the Flu with my daughter being the star player. Every night about 3 am she comes downstairs and throws up for an hour. We thought maybe she was getting over it today, as she had no fever in the morning but by afternoon she was back up there to 102, so I guess we are not done yet. Now she has developed a cough and a huge fever blister, so she is a very unhappy camper.

Pray for us!

UPDAIE- We are now on day 6 of the flu! 6 days of vomiting, fever and crankiness! We are taking her back to the doctor this evening, this has gone on too long!


Life in the Hood -- The Starkey Family Chronicles said...
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Donna G said...

I hope you are all feeling better. So far I have been lucky to avoid the flu!!

Judy said...

The flu is so awful. McKenna has been been throwing up on and off for three days. Not fun! At least your little sweetie can aim when throwing up. That's about the only positive I can think of about your situation. Bless her heart!