Wednesday, April 01, 2009

God Provides!

I don't know why I doubt and worry because He always provides! Not always in the way I would prefer or expect but he always provides. I sat down to pay the bills yesterday and I was pondering what was the least amount I could take out of our savings and still pay all the bills. We are finally at a point where the only debt we have is our car and house note and we want to keep it that way and keep our savings growing too.

The first thing I do when I pay the bill is check out our bank statement on line, make sure there have been no surprises in our direct deposit. Well, yesterday I got a good surprise, the IRS refund had been deposited the day before. I had plenty of money to pay our unexpected replacement of two water heaters and the other unexpected bills we had received. I was even able to put some extra into the savings! It had only been a few weeks since we sent in the taxes and usually it takes about 6 weeks to get the money back.

So once again GOD delivered just what I needed just when I needed it!

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