Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Due To Circumstances Beyond Our Control.......

the big news will need to be postponed a few more days. Honestly guys, I had not planned to draw this out quite this long but everything that could go wrong has (almost!) I really hope to have the news posted by this weekend (with pictures!)

Between my hubby's grandfather being at death's door, my father breaking his leg, I am still sick with what feels like pneumonia and we are housebound by this freakin' ice storm!

I know you readers from up North are going what is the big deal people it is just a little ice but us South Texans so rarely see ice, we don't know how to deal with it. If you turn on the news here, you will see IDIOTS out on the overpasses driving 80 miles an hour, the next scene you see will be IDIOTS outside their managled vehicle (if they are lucky!) shaking their head going "man, I don't understand how this happened?" DUH!!!! Here's Your Sign!

So as for me and my family, we are staying indoors, off the roads until the ice clears up and the idiots go home!(We may be in for a long wait on those idiots!) I guess I am starting to get better because I am in a really lousy mood, when I start getting grumpy then I am usually on the road to recovery!

I am ready for the child to go back to school and for me to feel better! I want out of this house! If you are so inclined say a little prayer for us, especially that God will grant me some patience and I won't go crazy just yet.


TMK said...

It will get better! Just think, the more days they out of school now, the more they will have to make up. No more battle of flowers day, which never made sense to me anyway. Weird day off!

Amy said...

I didn't see this in time to pray for you, but it sounds like you have pulled through!