Saturday, May 03, 2008

Funny Thing Is.....

This week has included a new purchase with a broken mirror so the purchase had to be exchanged, a stubbed toe, a huge mug of coffee dropped and broken, sending coffee all over a recliner, carpet, table and lamp. Bright red fingernail polish on my soaking tub. A piece of cake dropped icing side down at church on Weds., a bite of salad with Italian dressing dropped down the front of my brand new shirt (again at church on Weds), I found a big scratch on my new car. My hubby has been working late every night this week and will have to work this weekend too. I have picked up a hundred pieces of shredded paper from the dogs paper habit. I was attacked by biting gnats at the pool. AND I have had some type of stomach bug for the last couple of days!

BUT THE AMAZING THING IS----This has been a great week compared to the one I had last week!!!!


jettybetty said...

That's amazing--I am thankful for your positive attitude!

Jennifer said...

You poor thing! May the trend continue...and may each week be less dreadful than the week before! (((hugs))) You're due a break soon, don't you think??

TMK said...

I hate those little gnats! They enjoy biting me too. Life is good.

Dee Andrews said...


That sounds like a horrible week! So, I can't even begin to imagine how bad your last week was.

Hoping and praying THIS week is going much better for you.

Love ya!