Friday, August 01, 2008

2008: The Year to Get Through!

This morning we finally got the call we have been waiting on for several years. My husbands grandfather passed away last night. Papa had been sick for about 3 years, he had been diagnosed with a lung disease called MAC. The doctors told us that the next time he got pneumonia, he would die. Well that was 3 years and about 9 pneumonia's ago! Papa always was a bit of a stubborn old coot but in this case we were glad that he hung around a bit longer. The MAC did a number on his body, turning him into a small man tethered to an oxygen tank but he was still Papa on the inside.

Papa left behind a legacy of love and faith for us. He loved the Lord with all his heart, mind, soul and strength and he loved his neighbor as himself. He was never stingy with love for his family. We will miss Papa but know he has gone on to his reward and to meet Jesus. He lived his life to sit at the Master's feet and now he is doing just that.

I find a lot of comfort in thinking that maybe my Mama met him at the gate. The title of this blog comes from my husband, from the beginning of the year when we struggled with Mama's impending death, then my husband's boss' death (totally unexpected) and now Papa is gone, my husband has repeated this saying. This is truly our year to "just get through". It has been a rough 7 months and I pray that the last 5 will hold no more funerals.

My 10 year old cried after hearing about her Papa, she said "I won't go to another funeral, I have already been to one this year!" This is really hard on her. Prayers for all of us would be appreciated.

Papa leaves behind a wife of over 60 years, a daughter and son in law, three grandsons and their wives and 5 great grandkids. He leaves behind a host of friends and relatives. Papa was a soldier in WW2, he was a deacon and then an elder in his church. He lived a life full of service and love and leaves behind a family that continues his legacy of service and love! Papa, we will miss you -- save us a spot!


Dee Andrews said...

My heart and prayers are with y'all in yet another loss in your family.

May the Lord greatly bless you and your family.

Much love,


Melli said...

Surely you do have my prayers! I'm so sorry... God's grace and mercy be with you...