Sunday, August 17, 2008

Expensive week!

This is how we spent our week, the first picture is the hole in the wall that the Dryer Vent Lady (yes, that is really her name- at least professionally) had to make in the laundry room wall to repair the dryer vent. The builders of our house apparently left out a piece of dryer vent and tried to bridge the gap with duct tape. It did not work too well and dryer lint has been blowing into our walls for 8 years. All fixed now! We will be covering up the hole with a cabinet soon. I have been wanting a cabinet in the laundry room for about 8 years now, so hopefully this will spur us into action. The second picture is a before picture of my daughter, followed by the after picture with the new braces and colored bands (she is very proud of her bands)

School starts a week from Monday, so we will be filling our week with Dr. visits and picking up last minute school clothes and supplies. So long summer, Hello School Year!


Allison said...

Yes, I will add you for sure!!! I need your email address tho!!!

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Hello!! Thanks for stopping by and putting your name into my drawing for the cherished teddies. Unfortunately I am going to have to give all of mine away!! i was thinking that if you wanted these for your daughter that we could make some sort of a deal!! What do you think? Sandy

Dee Andrews said...

You know, Michelle - It's a wonder that lint in the wall didn't catch on fire. I can't believe the builder would have done that. That's really bad.

That was the great thing about us building our own home and knowing the builder really well. We were able to see everything that everyone did all along the way and made sure it was all done right.

Your daughter is really cute! Looks good in braces.

They ARE expensive, though.

Many blessings to you all this week!


Judy said...

We had dryer lint blowing into our crawl space for far too long! Good thing you figured it out and got it fixed. It can be a real disaster. Thankfully I caught our issue before too much damage was done!!