Monday, September 15, 2008

For Those Who Might Be Wondering....

Dad did not come to our place this time when he evacuated for the hurricane. Originally they had predicted that IKE would hit near Corpus Christi, come to SA and then head up to Dallas. So it did not make any sense for Dad to come here, then when they changed the forecast to hit near Galveston, it was really too late for him to drive across Houston with everyone heading North from Galveston. So he went to my Aunts house about 45 miles inland from his town.

They are doing fine. If I ever have to go through a hurricane again, I hope I am with my Aunt and Uncle. Uncle Charles is the most prepared person I know. They have a generator (or two or three going) they are able to keep the microwave, refrigerator and lights going. Uncle Charles owns every type of flashlight known to man. I bet they even got to watch the Cowboy game tonight. (Yea! Go Cowboys!)

There is still no electricity at Dad's so he is better off just staying with my Aunt and Uncle until it gets turned back on. My brother said that there was very little damage to the house, just a few shingles blown up (but not off) and a few limbs down from the trees.

I think everyone will be fine as long as they don't discuss POLITICS!!!!

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