Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Cell Phone

My husband has told me to pick out a new cell phone for my birthday but I am having a lot of trouble deciding on one. We have AT&T service right now and these are the one's I have looked at so far:Tiltblackjack2 in pink

By the way I got all these images from, so hopefully I have not broken any copy right laws.

I really want one that has a full keyboard instead of just a keypad because I mostly use it for text messaging and it takes forever to text on a number keypad. Also I would like to get one that I could check my email on and also one with a camera. That would have come in very handy when I had my fender bender back in January.

Do any of you have any opinions about any of these phones or have another favorite phone? We don't have to stay with AT&T, we just have been with them for 8 years and we don't hate them or anything so why change now! I keep my cell phones for a long time so I don't mind paying a bit for them, we have had two phones in 8 years so that isn't too bad.

Hubby has a blackberry from work and he loves it but I am not totally sold on it, so the blackjack 2 is really my 3rd choice at this point because it has the same type of keyboard as the blackberry my hubby uses.

Or maybe I should just throw caution to the wind and get me one of these:What do ya think?


Jennifer said...

I am a BlackBerry addict. But that's just me!

Tracey said...

Oh that last one... Oh man, I'd be in trouble with that!

Ellyn said...

i like the blackberry pearl but if you have the choice of an iphone....go for it!

Dee Andrews said...

I'm afraid I'm a complete dud when it comes to cell phones. I've had one that's probably about 10 years old that I only use for emergencies and/or when I'm in the car away from home. We pay $9.99 a month for the service and I normally use about 5 or 6 minutes a month.

I think it does a lot of things, but I've never learned how to do any of them (except get some family phone numbers in it), nor do I want to. That is definitely NOT my thing.

So, can't advise. Except that Tom has a Blackberry pearl that he likes a lot (it's through work). He wanted an iPhone and had one for about 8 hours, but we get no reception for it here at the house out in the country (through AT&T)!

He had to go back to a Blackberry (through Alltel). Me - I can't even figure out how to answer his phone when it rings!

Much love,