Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Think I am gonna live....

Signs I may survive this bout with the FLU

1. Am only coughing up one toenail at a time instead of the whole set.

2. realize that my home consists of more than just my bed and the bathroom.

3. My Kleenex consumption has dropped dramatically.

4. Actually got up and got dressed today.

5. The mess in the house is starting to bug me (to he point of actually doing something about it rather than just cry!)

6. I am hungry again.

7. Actually cared enough to write a new post on a blog nobody reads anymore because they are all on Facebook now.

8. The weight on my chest is no more than 40lbs at this point.

9. Realize that a nasal strip may not be the most attractive piece of my nightwear

And the 10th reason I believe I am finally getting over the FLU

10. I am only praying for death once a day instead of Morning, Noon and Evening.

If ANYONE still reads this blog, I implore of you......GO GET YOUR FLU SHOT NOW.....and while you are out there go early VOTE!


elizabeth said...

Oh, I am so sorry! My mother gives 8,000 flu shots each year, so you can bet we all get one.

Glad you are feeling better!

Judy said...

Oh no! I had the flu last year just a week after McKenna was born. It was awful. Several of the worst days of my life! I haven't gotten a flu shot yet, but I'm getting one this year. Who knew you could get it so early? Praying you'll be better soon!

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Kathryn Lewis said...

SOrry to see you're sick! I got mine today at my dr. appt and Claire got her mist Tuesday so hopefully we'll be set! Hope you continue to feel better