Sunday, May 14, 2006

Lovely Mother's Day

My Mother's day started out with breakfast in bed. The two K's brought me a tray with a cheese and bacon scone and coffee. Then I got to open my mother's day gift of a James Avery Charm. I have a charm bracelet but whenever I get a new charm I wear it on a chain around my neck for awhile before I have it sautered (I am sure I did not spell that correctly) to the bracelet. My husband gave me a cute card complete with two cotton balls (it had a snoring joke referrence!)

We enjoyed a great day of worship at church today. It was sad too because it was The Beasley's last Sunday with us, they are moving to MS to be with their grandkids. The church here always gives Mom's flowers on Mother's Day and my daughter made me a pen with a silkflower attached to it (Maybe I won't lose it so easily with the big purple iris attached, which is my favorite flower!)

We had a good meal out and a quick visit to the Christian bookstore, then home for phone calls to the grandmothers and a wonderful nap! Darling Hubby took darling daughter swimming while I napped! Later, DH figured out how to use the audio portion of Instant Messenger so that I could talk to my Mom and she could type back to me. I think that was her best Mother's Day present, she said she really missed the sound of my voice (since I can't hear her on the phone anymore!) That is one thing that I really miss too is hearing my Mother's voice! Now, I am going to stop writing about it because it is making me cry.

It was a wonderful Mother's Day and I hope that yours was as well! I have said it before but it bears repeating, "Oh what a blessed woman I am!"


elizabeth said...

Sounds like you had a great day!

MAK said...

Unfortunately, followed by a really bad night. I am down and out with a bad virus that kept me up all night. I am feeling a little better this afternoon but still feel like I have gone 10 rounds with a prize fighter. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!

IvanC said...

You shamed me :( I didn't get anything for my wife for Mother's day - but I have a slight excuse that we were on a plane back from Manchester on that day :)

erinlo said...

MAK- I just read your engagement ring story and am bawling! What a sweet husband you have! Then, I read about your mother's day and it sounds like such a great day in spite of the fact you can't hear your mother's voice. I hope it won't be long before you WILL be able to!