Thursday, May 11, 2006

Story of my Rings!

I was reading a post by malia about Engagement Rings and a show about them she had seen on Oprah. This is the comment I left for her and I thought it would make a good post for my blog too!

"I think engagement rings are very important. They are an outward symbol of an inward commitment. My engagement ring and wedding band have a great story behind them.
My husband and I had been looking at rings for a long time and we had found a set in a jewelry store in Plano, TX (where the in laws live) that I just loved. However, my hubby(to be at that time) was dragging his feet a bit. So we did not buy the ring and went back to Houston and continued to do the "we are getting married but don't know when dance" Long story short, he finally asked me to marry him two days before Thanksgiving and one day before we left to go to his parents house for Thanksgiving. We went back to the jewelry store the day after Thanksgiving, just knowing the ring would be gone. It was there, sweet hubby told the clerk "that is the ring we want" The clerk said "don't you even want a price for it" and hubby said "no, that is our ring, it was meant to be" The clerk gave him the biggest smile and said "Well, that ring is half off today! The ring is beautiful and everytime I have a jeweler look at it they remark on the quality of the diamonds and the beauty of the settings. But it is special to me because Hubby wanted me to have it with no thoughts to the cost!"

That my friends, is the true story of my engagement and wedding rings! I guess I could have them upgraded to bigger diamonds or a flashier setting but why would I want to. They are the perfect symbol of K's love and committment to me. He loves me completely with no thought to the cost!

Oh what a blessed woman I am!


Anonymous said...

how sweet:)

MAK said...

Wow, the comment above was left from Singapore! That blows my mind that someone that far away was reading my blog, so now I have had someone from China and Malta! Too Cool! Hope you can get some sleep Charley!

jettybetty said...

I got chills with one! I AMEN Charley--how sweet!

I thought of you while I have been bopping around A&M the last couple days--but I didn't lay down on Kyle field or anything ;-)!

jettybetty said...

I should proofread--before I push the button:
I got chills with THIS one!

jennifer said...

What a romantic story. I am a sucker for true romance!