Thursday, May 04, 2006

Home Alone but Not Really!

Darling daughter and myself have been on our own for the past 4 nights as darling hubby has been in Salt Lake City at a conference. He will be coming home tonight and it will be so good to have him back home where he belongs.

We have been doing fine here all week, nothing traumatic has happened but things just don't feel right. I miss his presence. I miss the security of knowing if something happened that he would be there for me in a matter of minutes (not hours). I miss adult conversation. It is harder than usual these days because I can't hear him on the phone and have to rely on emails, text messages and my daughter translating his phone calls. I miss his voice! It is really like a piece of me is missing when he is away, I just don't feel complete.

I wonder if this is how God feels when we wander away from him or fail to include him in our daily lives. I would imagine He longs to hear our voice when we fail to pray. One thing that has really helped us this week is that every night as I say prayers with my 8 year old, we ask God to surround us with his presence and to keep us safe. I have felt His presence this week, watching over us and keeping us safe.

I usually have a hard time when hubby is away because of my hearing. I think I hear things and I wander around the house at 2 am checking doors and my child. This is the first time that I slept soundly all night (except for the two occassions when darling daughter climbed into bed with me at 3 am, but we both went right back to sleep). I know this is because I made a conscious decision to ask God to be with us and he did not fail me. What a comfort to know that all I have to do is ask and he will be right there beside me. That is not to say that I don't believe bad things can happen, I know for a fact that they do happen (even to good, God loving people) but it is easier to bear when you are surrounded with love.

Thank you Lord for surrounding us with your presence and thank you in advance for bringing my sweetie home safely to us. There is a little girl here who really misses her Daddy and a big girl who really misses her husband. Thank you for the blessings you have given us, may we always be grateful. I pray that each of you who read this will feel the loving presence of God in your lives and if for some reason you don't feel it, just say a little prayer and ask for it!


TMK said...

I wondered where Mr.K was last night when I saw you at Elevate. I am sorry about someone interrupting our almost started conversation last night. That happens everytime I try to talk on a personal level with someone. I do plan on blogging some day. Not much to blog about now, or at least no time for me to get around to doing it! Glad your husband is home again. Enjoy!

MAK said...

Poor Hubby actually did not get home until 3 am this (Friday) morning. His flight was delayed an hour out of Salt Lake City and then arrived here right in the middle of a horrible thunderstorm, so they circled the airport until they were almost out of gas, then were redirected to Austin for refueling. Once they were on the ground in Austin, they could not refuel because it was bad weather and lighting there. So what was supposed to be a 2 1/2 hour flight turned into 5 1/2 hours. Poor thing and he had been at the airport for about 4 hours prior to his flight leaving too. So thankful he is home safe. I stayed up and waited on him so once darling daughter is on the bus, we are both going back to bed! In the words of Dr. Suess in "The Sleep Book"...."so nobody better come round with a special delivery letter!" Have a blessed day but don't call us until this afternoon! ;o)