Sunday, April 30, 2006

Back From The Beach!

We are back from our short(2 night) trip to the beach. Althought time on the beach itself was short, only a couple of hours, we still had a lot of fun. The place we stayed was very nice, it had recently been updated and was very clean. We were in a one bedroom condo at Port Royal at Port Aransas. It was definitely not cheap but very nice. They were doing construction on one of the pool areas so we did not get to used the water slides and had to make do with only three pool areas (I know, I know, poor us!) The condo had a full kitchen, nicely stocked and a full size washer and dryer (so I did not have to haul home a bunch of sandy stuff)

I wish our condo had been a little further away from the elevators, it was right outside our bedroom window so it got a little noisy. The weather did not totally cooperate, it rained some and was very, very windy. Darling Daughter got to swim quite a bit in the pools and play on the beach for a few hours, so she is a happy camper. Hubby cut his foot while we were there but fortunately it did not turn out to be as bad as we originally thought and he still had a good time too! The place was very pretty. The pool area was nicely landscaped with lots of hybiscus and other tropical plants and flowers. Everyone was pleasant and helpful. Even the 4 bus loads of high schoolers were reasonably well behaved. Most of the other guest were like us, parents with kids. We would definitely go back, it was great!

Back to work and school now. We have about 4 more weeks of school, it sure has flown by as I am sure the summer will too. Hope you all had a great weekend and have a wonderful week too!


MAK said...

(I think I will leave a comment for myself since no one wants to talk to me this week!) That sounds like a lot of fun, glad you got to go and enjoy yourself! Hope your hubby' foot is doing better. BTW I really enjoy your blog and reading about all your exciting adventures! You sound like a really interesting person!

Tanya said...

Loved your comment - too funny! It made me giggle :) Thanks for commenting on my blog. Not sure who you are (I know that you use to live in Virginia and go to Fairfax and that you know my husband's family) but I do appreciate all your kind and thoughful comments. Glad you had a nice time at the beach. I am so ready for the summer!! Only 23 more school days left!!