Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Just Call A Travel Agent Already!

I feel like I am a travel agent as I am trying to work out everyone's schedules for work travel, school vacation, stays with grandparents this summer and the 4 solid weeks of church activities that darling daughter (DD) has this summer.

It started out that we would take a weekend and go to the beach just about DD's favorite thing to do, once that was scheduled we moved on to a business trip for darling hubby (DH) and then we progressed to family vacation this summer and a special trip for hubby's 40th birthday! I think we have just about got it worked out and while I have no hope that everyone will be thrilled with ALL the plans, I think the majority will be happy with most of them.

It looks like we will go to Port Aransas and have a nice weekend on the beach, then hubby will make a business trip to Salt Lake City. Whole family will make a 6 day trip to Disney ( got super great airfare)(BTW Disney is DD FAVORITE thing to do!) and then DD will have two weeks of church activities before going to grandparents for a week or so. While DD is with said grandparents, DH and Moi will be flying off to Hawaii for some long overdue alone time. We will get back just in time for DD to start second two weeks of church activities.

This leaves us with about 3 unplanned weeks for the summer. I am sure that the other set of grandparents will either want us all to come for a few days or at least DD to spend a few days with them. Then there is school stuff to buy and get ready for a new year. I am tired already but excited too.

It seems like a lot to do in one summer and a lot of money to spend (although it is really only costing us our IRS refund) which I tend to think of as our play money anyway (Brett, we give our contribution to church based on before tax income! :o) ) We tend to go months and years without any type of vacation and then we go big, so I guess this is our big year!

All that said, that is the plan! Still need to double check a couple of things and finalize the plans for Hawaii! Jettybetty, I still may not be able to hear the waves in Hawaii but I bet we have a great time anyway. I really want DH's birthday to be special and this is what he wants to do, more fun for me and less work than planning a big party!!!!

If nothing else maybe we will escape some of this Southern heat. Yes I know we are going to hot places but it can't be any worse than it is here. It is supposed to be 101 today (Hello, it's only April!) Hope all your summer plans are shapping up nicely. Enjoy yourselves, your family and the beauty that God has surrounded us with!


TMK said...

Man! That is a fun-filled summer. K will be with me most of it! In Jan., I made Billy pick a week out for just our family, otherwise, church/work will take over. Not that it's bad, but I would love to just hang out at the lake and do nothing for a week with my family. Looking forward to that! Can't wait to hear how Hawaii trip goes. Jealous!!

jettybetty said...

What an incredible summer! Of course, I totally support summers of this sort ;-)!!! I am just way excited for you!

Where are you going in Hawaii? (We are leaving in less than 48 hours for our 29th anniversary trip--I don't know if we will hear the water from this place--new place for us--but it is on a beach--so I will be there every minute I can!)

Brett and Jenny Perkins said...



Amy said...

Wow, that sounds like an awesome line-up of trips and events. I am a beach/Disney World gal myself. I think DD and I would hit it off just fine.

jettybetty said...

Probably you will want either Kaanapali or Wailea--both are incredible--since we've been to Maui several times--my favorite is Kahana--reasonably priced condos on a nice (but not spectacular) beach. My favorite things to do in Hawaii are walk on the beach and listen to the waves crash--and I can have both there for about $150 a night.