Monday, November 06, 2006

What A Way to Start The Week

I woke up this morning at 5 am to the booming of Thunder and Lightning. I tried to get a few more winks in before my 6:10 wake up call but the power went out which caused the rechargeable flashlight to light up the bedroom, conviently place by my side of the bed.

Hubby set his watch alarm and we tried to go back to sleep but with all the noise and the rude awakening, I was up! You don't think about how much of your life is controlled by electricity until it goes out. The alarm on the house has a back up battery but it starts blinking and beeping to let you know that your power has gone out (duh, I would not have figured that one out!)

I was trying to figure out what all I needed to do to get darling daughter ready for school in the dark, how to get the garage door hooked back up after we disengage it to get the cars out, if the school has power and if it is even worth getting darling daughter up for school, will the bus make it on time since the traffic lights are out?

We called the school and the answering machine picked up so we figured they had power and we should get darling daughter up for school. The power came back on at about 6:35 so I did not have to worry about the garage door and the bus was on time. So it all worked out in the end.

We had a good day at church yesterday. We have been involved in a long process to raise money for a new building. It has been building up (pun intended) with meetings, mailings and lessons all geared towards turning in pledge cards yesterday.

They had asked the families that they had designated as being "leaders" to go ahead and make their pledges last week, so we were already done with our part. They had a brunch during Bible Class and then a special service to encourage the rest of the congregation to fill out and turn in the pledge cards. The great news is that the "leaders" who turned in the pledges early (and less than half of the people that were designated as "leaders" actually turned them in) had already contributed almost 1/2 of the target goal.

There has been a lot of prayer put into this campaign and it looks like God has really touched a lot of hearts to give sacrificially and we should make our target goal. We have totally outgrown our building and there is no room to expand at our present location. I look forward to a time when we have room to all meet together in one service and plenty of classroom space to meet in but I also look forward to outgrowing that building as we continue to spread God's message to the people of this community.

It is an exciting yet scary time for us, as we try to begin this new signing ministry which hopefully with God's blessing will grow into a Deaf ministry. Please pray for all of us.

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Dee O'Neil Andrews said...

I WILL pray for all of you and especially the deaf ministry. My ex-husband's elderly aunt has had great loss of hearing since she was a little girl and her husband was deaf so we were around them all the time. She was 7th Day Advenitst and signed for church services.

I was thinking about you this past Sunday while out in McKinney with my daughter for their worship service because they had a couple of young women signing. I was watching them and it was very beautiful and graceful to watch, just as much as it was necessary. I was moved by it, actually.

Hope your hearing continues to improve. Dee