Monday, December 25, 2006

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Day! Ours has been a quiet relaxing one for our immediate family at least!

Darling Daughter did a wonderful job with the reading at church yesterday morning. The program last night went off with only a few minor problems. I overcame my fears and I think I did a good job with the songs I interpreted last night. We had at least one deaf individual in the audience last night and they said they might come to our interpreted services on Sundays. So that was a wonderful, unexpected outcome from last night!

I said we had a quiet Christmas but unfortunately my Hubby's parents did not, they spent the day in the ER. My MIL had been down and out with a virus this weekend and apparently my FIL took it last night as well. She found him passed out in the bathroom today and she got him up but then he passed out again, so she called an ambulance. They were both checked out in the ER and apparently there is a really bad virus making the rounds in the North Texas area. They are back home now and hopefully on the mend. Our holiday plans with them are up in the air at this point but we definitely don't want to go up there until they are all better and the house has been fumigated!

Say a little prayer for them and enjoy the rest of your Holiday! Blessings Ya'll!

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Sandy said...

oh no! What a bad time for your inlaws to get ill. Hope they are up and about again soon...
and Happy New Year to you!