Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Yesterday Scrooge, Today Tiny Tim!

Yesterday I was having a Scrooge day but after a really cute Christmas Program at darling daughters PTA meeting and some much needed attention by my wonderful Hubby, I am feeling more like Tiny Tim!

The third grade did a Christmas show yesterday (the school figured out real quick to have the kids perform at all PTA meeting to boost attedance)and darling daughter was a cutie patootee in red! One of the music teachers used to perform at Fiesta Texas (6 Flags Amusement Park) and it really shows in the programs. They managed to include Kawanza, Hannaka and Christmas into one program and included Felix Navidad to support our Hispanic Culture as well.

I can't say I enjoyed the behavior of some of the parents at the PTA meeting. They showed such disregard for other people's feelings, it was disgusting to watch. They allowed their children to run wild, knocking people over, it was such a stark contrast to how the kids behave during the school day, so I know they are able to behave, the parents just don't require it like the school does. It is a shame that parents expect the school to teach their child discipline but then don't enforce it on their watch. Ok I will get off my soapbox now!

Think I will go do some Christmas shopping while I am still in a good mood. Hope you are all enjoying a beautiful Weds. morning! Blessings!

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jettybetty said...

Glad you are in a GREAT mood--hope the shopping went well. The program sounds cute.
Of course, when my children were young they were perfect at such events ;-)!!