Thursday, December 14, 2006

Please Take A Few Seconds...

...and pray for the Family of Sarah B. Sarah was a 37 year old Christian, Mother of 4, who lost her battle with Lymphoblastic Leukemia on Monday. Sarah was a member of the Fairfax Church of Christ, where we attended for almost 7 years between 1994 and 2000.

Sarah showed such faith and courage during her battle with Leukemia and was a shining example to the Doctors, Nurses and other Patients. She is at home with her Lord now and is dancing with the angels.

I ask you all to say a special prayer for her family. She leaves behind many who love and need her. She has 4 children under the age of 9. My heart breaks for them as they are probably too young to understand.

Please pray for the comfort of God's hand on her husband's head. Please pray that the family will feel the love and concern of all their fellow Christians. Please pray for a measure of peace for their broken hearts.

Please pray that somehow these blessed little children will understand that their Mother did not choose to leave them. Please pray that a cure for cancer will be found.

Thank You for taking time to read this and to pray for Sarah's family.
I only have one more thing to ask you to pray for:

Please pray to God and thank him for all the blessings that He has given to you and your family, pray that He will open your eyes and heart to the wonder of it all.


aggiejenn said...

How hard it will be for her children to be without their mother. I will pray for them. Thanks for letting us know.

Dee O'Neil Andrews said...

You commented about her the other day on my blog and I prayed then but will pray for her family again now. That is so sad. Terribly so.