Friday, March 02, 2007

Finally got a full nights rest!

Maggie has finally gotten her days and nights back in order. I am happy to report that we all got a full night's uninterupted rest! I think we will all be much happier now! I have a fun filled weekend of cleaning planned for my loving family. Husband's family is all coming to visit next week (13 of us in all) so we need to tackle the play room upstairs.

I have decided not to stress over it. If all goes as planned, we will have 8 adults, 5 children (ages 12-4) and 3 dogs (ages 11-3 months)! We are going to have fun, order pizza Friday and go to the Amusement Park on Saturday! Only bummer will be Day Light Savings Time kicking in Sat. night but we will just plan on napping Sunday afternoon!

Ya'll have a good weekend!


Jennifer said...

Wow!! It sounds like it's going to be busy at your house!! Enjoy your family!!!
I'm glad Maggie's sleeping needed that!! ((HUGS))

Sandy said...

whoo, you're gonna be pooped! Visiting family is always fun though. Have a great time.

Ribbon Rock Star said...

oooh almost forgot about the time change!!

Welcome to the party.