Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Maggie is a Big Girl Now!

We took Maggie back to the vet yesterday and she now weighs 5 lbs and 4 oz up from 3 lbs 7oz just 4 weeks ago. I think she is sensitive to the vacinations though, she cried almost all night. I stayed up with her until about 1 am and she would go to sleep and within just a few minutes wake up and whine. She finally went to sleep at 1 am but then woke up at 3 am doing the same thing and hubby got up with her. She is usually a good sleeper, she whines just a little when you first put her in the crate but then she settles down and sleeps until I let her out at 6 am. She did the same thing after the first set of shots so I think it has to be related somehow.

I have tried to play with her today and wear her out so she will be good and sleepy tonight, so hubby won't toss her out the door for good. (Just joking, he would never do that!) Poor guy, he is the one who suffers when she cries because I don't hear anything once I take off the processor of my CI. If she were not so cute, she would be in big trouble right now!

It is a beautiful day here in S. Texas, looks like Spring has come early here. Hope you are all healthy, happy and having a good week. Blessings All!


Jennifer said...

Poor Maggie! I hope you ALL sleep better tonight! Enjoy your warm weather! :)

aggiejenn said...

our Maggie is sensitive to shots, too. We have to take her in the morning so they can give her Benadryle and watch her throughout the day after she gets them.

Hope you get some sleep soon!!