Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Yahoo, Darling Daughter is done with her first TAKS test. My daughter is a bright, talented, beautiful little girl who has worried and fretted over this silly test for about 7 months now. It is wrong to put these poor kids under this kind of pressure. She has been moody and sensative for several days now and I know it is due to this test. When I picked her up today, she said it was easy and she finished it in about an hour and a half. So yeah, it is over (at least the reading part is, she will have the math part on April 17th)

--For those of you who don't live in Texas, the TAKS test is a test that the state of TX mandates that students in various grade levels must pass or they do not pass the grade level. The school districts spend an enormous amount of time preparing the kids for these test for months beforehand. There is a lot more to it than just this but you can "goggle" it if you want to know more. I am tired of thinking about it and glad it is over.

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aggiejenn said...

Oh my...I HATED the TAKS test when I was teaching. Especially since I taught 10th and 11th grade English. Our kids never did very well...it's hard to score well on those when you have the reading level of a 6th grader.

So glad she's done with it and doesn't have to stress until Math time!!