Saturday, February 03, 2007

Bride of Christ!

I just got back from our annual Ladies Retreat and our theme this year was about being the Bride of Christ. The place was decorated with Wedding dresses and wedding stuff. It is always good to get together with my Christian sisters and learn more about God's Holy Word. We talked a lot about how Christ choose to make us his bride by saving us from our sins and how we should submit ourselves to Him completely.

Tomorrow we begin our training classes for LTC -Leadership Training classes. We have one of our biggest classes ever, about 15 kids. We will work with the kids for about 9 weeks before going to Houston on Easter Weekend for the competition. It is fun to watch the kids go from knowing little or no sign language to being able to sign a whole song. Some of the kids are more experience and with them we get to work on polishing their performances and increasing their knowlege of sign language. It is fun to share our gifts with the kids. This will be the first year our daughter is old enough to take part in LTC and I am hoping it will be a positive experience for her.

Baby Maggie is doing great and I hope to post some pictures of her soon. Blessings to all of you!


jettybetty said...

What a great retreat! Sounds like someone went all out!

Our kids did LTC for years--what a wonderful program. I am so thankful you are helping out--a great way to bless the children!

Amy said...

Oh, I miss LTC. Our kids did that in the city where we used to live. My daughter participated in signing and sang/signed "Lamb of God". It was a wonderful experience. I can tell you that the parents really appreciate you for coaching their children!

We must have some kind of connection going today - I taught a class on Ephesians once, called it Bride of Christ, and a friend decorated the bulletin board in bridal fare.

One of my daughters wants a little white dog just like your Maggie, so I'm thinking about it...