Friday, February 16, 2007

That Just Ain't Right!

Maybe it is because I grew up in the South (in Texas to be exact) but I saw something the other day that just struck me as WRONG!

The area we live in is going through a growth spurt, there are new buildings going up everywhere. Along a major road near my house they have built a new funeral home. It looks like a nice enough funeral home although growing up in the south I am used to funeral homes being in stuffy smelling old houses (or Mansions- often.) This one definitely has a more "Hill Country Ranch" flavor to it although given the area that is totally understandable.

That is not what catches my attention and what the title of this post refers to.....what gets me is that there is a scrolling sign out front, with the time and date on it. The business has not been open very long so I am not sure if they will be posting who's funeral is taking place that day, you know like they do at some of the Pizza Arcade Birthday Party Places. I told my Hubby on the way to church Sunday, that something about that sign "just ain't right"!

I guess for people who always wanted their name up in could have something like...Appearing for one night only.... come and see the Grand Finally of Joan Smith....Grandmother Extraordinaire!!!! I just can imagine this going in all sorts of directions like...someone who was a really bad person might have a sign that said ....Come pinch John Black and make sure the SOB is really dead!

I realize my examples are a little extreme but the whole things just strikes me as being wrong! As we say in the South "That Just Ain't Right!


Anonymous said...

You'll have to start reading Greg England's blog. He is a c of C minister out in California, but also a part time funeral director and he has funny and interesting stories to tell all the time about both professions.

Cheers! Dee

Jennifer said...

I'm with you! One of our local funeral homes once had a neon sign...I was little at the time, but even back then I thought it was very garish for a funeral home...they're supposed to be warm, cozy, and comforting...nothing garish or blinking, for pete's sakes! :)
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