Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Awww---not even just a little bit?

I just took this "How Evil Are You?" quiz and Lo and behold:

How evil are you?

Just goes to prove that I am BORING!!!!


Jennifer said...

I'm angelic, too. Hmmm....this thing must not know me very well ;) Now, you, I think, it has right :) But you're not a bit boring!

TMK said...

boring is definetly NOT the word I would use for you! i'm only good. at least i'm not evil.

Natalie Brooke said...

I'm angelic too...guess I'm boring right there with you. Although if exciting falls under the catagory of some of those questions, then boring is ok with me!

By the way, haven't been ignoring you...I don't have internet access hardly at all anymore. My neice will make an appearance as soon as I can get a picture of her on the computer. She was born Feb. 26! She is an angel...absolutely beautiful...but still very tiny.

Lots of love...

Sandy said...

I coulda told you that you weren't evil! lol. What kind of questions did they ask?

lol, my word verification is SHUGS