Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Wedding Fairy

My darling daughter was asked to be in a wedding this summer. The theme is a fairy tale and she will be a pink fairy. This is the dress she will be wearing

and she will have fairy wings and a bucket to match. I think she will be handing out programs or favors or something. Mostly I think she will just be flittering about being a fairy! She is pretty excited about it!

(I got the picture off the ebay site that I ordered it from--I don't know how to do a link so I just put the picture up there--sure hope that is legal....I need to figure out how to do links I guess!)

Three more days of school here! Summer--ready or not---here we come!

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Jennifer said...

The dress is adorable...your daughter will make a beautiful fairy!
Claire is going to be one of the flower girls in my preacher's daughter's wedding a week from Friday. It's a night-time, black and white wedding...so her dress is white with black trim...snazzy! :)
School got out yesterday here...we have to go in the morning to pick up report cards, then we're done!! :D :D :D
Love you! :)