Monday, June 25, 2007

Ahhh...The Sound of Silence!

Darling Daughter is in Day Camp at church all this week. While this requires that we get up much earlier than we usually do in the summertime, it means that I get a quiet house for 7 hours. I am amazed at how much I accomplish when it is just me here.

I am thankful that we have such a wonderful Children's Ministry at church and that darling daughter has someplace safe to spend the week. I know she is learning a lot and spending time with her friends. It helps keep Mom sane to get a little break from the constant "I'm bored, Can I call XXXXX, Can you take us swimming, shopping, to the movies, (fill in the blank)!"

I think everyone will win this week, hubby is going to come home to a delicious dinner (pot roast with potatoes and carrots) and a peaceful wife! Hope your week turns out as well as mine! Blessings Everyone!


aggiejenn said...

Enjoy the time to relax and get things done!

Tanya said...

7 hours of quietness!! I'm jealous!!

proud parents said...

Is Ava too young to send to day camp???? ;) I could use 7 hours alone for just one day. Enjoy your week!