Saturday, June 09, 2007

Got Any Extra Prayers Lying Around?

...if so I could use a few thrown my way. This is an incredibly busy month for us, lots of activities going on around our house and church. For the last couple of weeks I have been having weird back pain, it moves around and I have not been able to pin it down to anything. A couple of days ago it got a lot worse and it started hurting when I took a deep breath. So I tried to get a dr. appt, but of course it took a couple of more days to get in. Friday....busiest day of the whole week for me I finally got an appt with the PA. They don't know what it is but did order an X-ray and gave me some muscle relaxers. She told me to take the muscle relaxers this weekend and I should be feeling better by Monday. If not, to call them back.

Well, it is late Saturday and I am not doing much better. If these things are going to work by Monday, they better get busy! I am trying to not complain a lot but this is really pretty painful. I am helping in the kitchen for VBS all next week and while I am sure they could do without me (I am not so vain to think I am indespensible) I really hate to let people down when they are counting on me for something.

So if any of you readers would like to throw some prayers for my back this way I would really appreciate it. Hope you all are enjoying a fun (and painfree weekend!) Blessings to you all!


Sandy said...

Oh so sorry about your back! Hope you feel better soon. Will stop to pray for you right now (hug)

aggiejenn said...

Praying for you now. Hope it's better tomorrow and the muscle relaxers help!