Monday, June 04, 2007

Been Tagged!

8 Random Things About Me?

1. Met Randy Travis (country singer) in a little bitty airport in my hometown back in the '80's. He is not as tall as he looks on TV

2. Inherited my love of Coca-cola from my grandmother, who swore the stuff tasted better in 6 oz bottles.

3. None of my friends would ever be considered "normal"--just don't seem to attract "normal" friends! (I know--takes one to know one!)

4. Had severe hearing loss for almost 20 years before I learned to sign!

5. Broke my little toe the night before my hubby's 20th reunion and then broke my big toe 2 weeks later. Broke them both in the same bedroom at my In Laws house!

6. Insurance company wanted me to sue "in laws" for medical bills on my broken toe! I refused! (BTW--breaking a big toe is a bigger deal than it sounds like...causes all sorts of problems with balance and long term effects!)

7. Hubby and I suffer from two extremes when it comes to major purchases, we either procrastinate and take months and months to make a major purchase (ie. new flooring for the house, new car) or we go shopping for one thing and impulse buy something else. There does not seem to be any middle ground with us.

8. This one should not be a surprise to anyone.....I am really lousy at these Meme things.....

There you go .....if you read this post and want to do the random Meme ....knock yourself out (and leave me a comment so I can read 8 random things about you!)

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Tanya said...

I inherited my love for cherry coke from my dad. I have to have one a day!! It makes me happy and keeps me sane :)