Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It's A Good Thing She's Cute

Because if she were not so cute, she'd definitely be dead now! Now before you all go calling the SPCA on me. Let me disclose that no Dogs were harmed in the writing and producing of this blog!

This dog must have 9 lives like a cat because she has developed an unhealthy habit of chewing through power cords. Maggie's first victim was the A/V cable to the Karoke Machine which was plugged into the machine which was plugged into the wall socket when she chose to chew the plugs off.
Then I caught her licking the end of the computer cord while it was plugged into the wall socket. Her second victim was the afore mentioned laptop cord, she managed to completely decapitate the plug in a matter of seconds.
Maggie's third (and we hope final victim is the fan plug which again in mere seconds she managed to almost decapitate. Sorry, victimization number three just occured so I do not have a picture yet.

Now before you all start filling my comment box with all your helpful suggestions on how to stop her there are a few things I wish to remind you of

1. She can do this in a matter of seconds, so it is hard to stop her once she has a cord in her mouth.

2. I have tried Nature's Miracle Best Behavior spray (which is supposed to stop chewing) and Tabasco (this works a little but stains if you get too much on!) We used Bitter Apple with our other Bichon and it did not work so well either.

3. We have given her loads of toys and chews. Bullysticks, rawhides, Kongs, balls, you name it we got it!

Keeping those three thoughts in mind, if you have some ideas on how to stop this irritating and dangerous behavior please feel free to leave me a comment! My Husbands suggestion for a solution is to leave the cords plugged in,,,,he thinks in time that will take care of the problem! But I think that is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

Maggie also managed to climb up in a chair and onto a table and snatch a pair of fingernail clippers. When I found her she had dismantled the clippers into three parts but had not actually eaten any of the parts. It really makes me wonder what the dog has eaten that we don't know about. CRAZY DOG!!!!


Aggiema (Michelle) said...

Ha Ha, I just noticed in the second picture (the one of the A/V cord) you can see my toes and the corner of the lapboard, two more things Maggie loves to chew on!

Jennifer said...

M, it's a wonder she hasn't electrocuted herself by now!!! Wow!!! I know nothing about canine behaviour modification...sorry...but I hope you can find a solution soon...power cords can be expensive to replace!!! *hugs*