Monday, December 10, 2007

Back Home (for a little while at least)

I was really conflicted on Friday whether or not to leave my parents and come home. My brother had been out of town all week and was due back at noon but I just was nervous about leaving. I was praying that God would send me a sign so I would know what to do. I texted my husband to talk to him about it and he told me that he was at home that our daughter's school had called and she was sick. So the decision was made, so I said a little "Thank You Lord" and came home. She was very ready to see her Mama and I was very ready to see my family!

I am still very conflicted but know I need to be here for a little while longer. I sent daughter to school today as she did not get sick yesterday at all, but she had a bout of diarrhea so they sent her home again. She has not had anymore so I think it was just a one time thing. Hopefully she will be well enough to go to school tomorrow as I really need to get some shopping done this week.

Mom has taken a downward turn and is not doing good. She is wandering around the house at night and unable to take care of her basic needs. Dad was taking her to the doctor this morning, so we will see what the doctor recommends but I feel at the very least they need to get a visiting nurse out to the house. Not much I can do from 300 miles away but I know that my brother is helping Dad out so it will be okay.

I am trying to decide whether to take my daughter with me next time I go. I am not sure Mom would even know she was there. I need to weigh the benefits to my parents with the harm it might do to my daughter. I was talking with our Children's Minister and she told me that her son was 9 when his grandmother died and he told her years later that he wished he had not seen her when she was so sick but just had the memories of her being healthy. I know I can't shield her from death but am wondering what good it would do to bring her into the grim situation.

I continue to seek your prayers for my whole family as we deal with this sad time.

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jettybetty said...

Hard decisions--I continue to pray...